Current Industry Effort 



DOE - Fossil Energy Techline, January 2007 — DOE's Microhole R&D Program Yielding Promising New Tools


The American Oil and Gas Reporter, May 2006 — Securities Law ReturnsTo Its Beginning by Bill Campbell


Keynote presentation ICoTA/SPE — Advanced Drilling: A Technology Focus Area for ConocoPhillips by Michael Wheatall


Alaska CT Drilling (Summary of SPE Papers)

Nickle's New Technology Magazine, Oct/Nov 2005 — Wrapped Up by Pat Roche




(Meeting presentations)




BP CT Drilling — Cleveland Re-entry C.T. Drilling Program
Hart's E&P — Industry Interest in Coiled Tubing Drilling and Microhole Technology





BP CT Drilling — BP Alaska Program and CT Drilling Test in Anadarko Basin





IPS — Coiled Tubing Drilling

Kalsi Engineering — Advanced Sealed Bearing Assembly for Positive Displacement Motors used in Microhole Drilling


ConocoPhillips — ConocoPhillips Alaska Re-entry Program


Technicoil — Grass Roots Drilling—A History and Look Ahead





LBNL — Vertical Seismic Profiling with Microholes at RMOTC


Terratek — Investigation of Smaller Footprint Drilling System: Ultra High Speed Rotary Drilling


Xtreme Coil Drilling — Corporate Update